"Resealing in progress..." pop-up after UpdateRollup1



I recently updated my build to UpdateRollup1 and now I am seeing a
"Resealing in progress..." pop-up window appear on the first boot
AFTER I manually perform a reseal. I use a RunOnce call to run a
batch script that sets up a bunch of stuff and then reseals with a
"fbreseal.exe -autologon -keepmounted -keepuser -keepnet" command.
Previously I've deployed the image that results from the shutdown
immediately after the reseal but now if I do that there's a pop-up
window that comes up on the first boot for the 'deployed' image that
says "Resealing in progress...". Does anybody know why this now shows
up and what I can do to hide it? While it's not harmful, this window
is undesirable because it will be seen by our users on the first boot
after an upgrade.






Update: If I use the fbreseal from XPe SP2 on the FP2007 + Rollup, it seems
to work OK. Maybe this will work for you as well.

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