Removing a Crashed win 2000 DC

Feb 26, 2010
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I have two Domain controllers on our network, A windows 2000 and a win 2003 server. The win 2000 server had a hard drive fail so I moved everything onto our single server. However the win 2000 server was a Domain controller as well and I want to remove it from AD. Anyone have a simple to follow guide on how to remove a failed DC? I tried doing some google searches and it mentions using ntdsutil.exe but I do not know the correct syntex or commands to use on my running DC and I dont want to screw this up as clearly that would be a catastrophy. I read some mention of using dcpromo but that looks to want to remove the server I am currently on from the domain which also is not what I want to do.

Since I am kinda walking a tight rope with no net any help would be appreciated!


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