Remote Desktop works some of the time



PC with Netgear D834Gv2 router/ADSL connection. Router has latest
firmware & obviously is set up correctly:
From some locations, remote desktop works flawlessly; however, in other
situations (appears to be if the remote PC is on a high-bandwidth
connection and located relatively close to the target PC on Netgear
router), the connection does NOT work: after period of time, get either
the message "The client could not establish a connection to the remote
computer....." or, The connection attempt timed out.

There's more: I'm at location where remote desktop can't connect; I
*can* open telnet and make a connection to port 3389 on the target PC.
And, here's what's really wierd: IF I setup the DOS prompt to start
telnet to port 3389, then start the remote desktop connection attempt,
and immediately press enter to establish the DOS telnet session - the
DOS session connects, AND the remote desktop connection is successful!

I can on the same PC that can't connect without this trick, make a
remote desktop connection to a PC halfway around the world, and then
while remote controlling *that* PC, make a remote desktop connection
from it to the PC I cannot establish connection with.
From the same location where remote desktop (without the telnet trick)
does not work, if I use a slow GRPS air card (similar or slower than
dialup in speed), the remote desktop connection goes through fine.
Any ideas?
Target PC: Windows xp professional service pack 2
AMD Athlon XP 2200+ 1.84ghz 512mb RAM
Ethernet: Trendnet
Netgear D834Gv2 - TE100-PCBUSR - Trendnet Driver 5.635.923.2005




Help! - no one has even any idea or suggestion as to why this is
Not even MS MVPs??

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