Remote desktop / Terminal services - Serial ports redirection - How to redirect only 1 port ?




My problem is that I want to use the remote desktop functionnality between 2
Xp wks and redirect a serial port (to use the local device - ex a card
reader) but I need the second serial should remain remote because it will
handle a display for the user on the remote workstation.
So I need to be able to select the serial ports I want to redirect (using
the Terminal services ActiveX, or anything else you may think about, even
hardcoded in a parameter or registry would help)

I found out that the reg value FilterQueueType in the
HKSomething\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Default\AddIns\RDPDR
key might be useful but cannot find any information but the FFFFFFFF value
to access all ports. Does anybody know if it is possible to use other
values, and if yes the scheme of this value ?

Any idea ?

Thanks for copying the answers to [email protected] after
removing the $ and in between.


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