Windows XP Remote Desktop printing on local client- virtual USB

Jul 29, 2010
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I am having an issue when using remote desktop with Windows XP Pro on both machines.
I need to print n the local client, but the printer is not being recognized.
The printer is on the USB001 port - virtual printer port.
The remote pc is seeing the PDF printer and the Quickbooks PDF printer that I have on the local client, but not my actual printer.
If it matters - the printer is a Epson Stylus CX3810.

I manually installed the driver on the remote PC also in case that was the issue...
I also tried doing the fix that Windows provides here - - just to see if that would help, but it did not.

Someone had a similar issue and posted that a group policy ended up being the problem - -- but I am not sure how to look into that...

I would appreciate any tips - thank you!!


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