Remote Assistance Problem




I work on a LAN. The host PC is the one i want to admin
from. The Client pc is the one i want to admin to.

Wehn i open Help & Support, Go to Remote Assistance, Go
to Offer Remote Assistance, type the IP or DNS name of
the client PC, click Connect....I get the following

Access to the Requested resource has been disabled by
your administrator.

WHAT?? I am the Domain Admin. I have Remote Session Help
MAnager service started on both PC's.

What is the problem?

Thanks Group,




You need to enable the remote assistance policy. Open the
group policy editor and than go to Computer
Configuration, Administrative Templates, System, Remote
Assistance and than enable "Offer Remote Assistance" and
also set the helpers. Check KB articles Q301527 and
Q308013 for more details.

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