Remote access drops DSL internet access



Most likely the following problem has been addressed some where but I
am unable to find a fix.

The Problem:
When ever a remote access to the network is attempted the remote
access stops functioning. The internet also goes down. It happens
whether it is a Windows Remote Desktop access or a VPN connection
accessing the network through the internet.

The set up is as follows:
Server: Windows 2000
Workstations: 3 desktops with Windows Xp
The Server and Worksrtations are on a switch
The switch is connected to a Linksys router.
The router is connected to a DSL modem
When the connection is broken the connection can be reset by resetting
the Liksys router by disconnecting the power supply and then
reconnecting the power supply.

Probably there is a simple solution but I have not been able to find
it yet. I posted this on another theread but have not seen any


Rajkumar Warrier

(e-mail address removed)

Richard G. Harper

If resetting the router fixes the problem, I'd be looking at the router as
the probable cause. Check for updated firmware for the router and if that
doesn't help, try a different router.

Richard G. Harper [MVP Shell/User] (e-mail address removed)
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