registry question - display DPI location?


someone watching

Was a l-o-n-g time user of 800 x 600 screen resolution; used standard
small font display setting. Recently decided to change to 1024 x 768
because a geography program requires it, however finding the right
combination of desktop fonts and font sizes was tough. Ended up changing
the display DPI (desktop, properties, settings, advanced) to custom,
108%. This setting with the combination of fonts is do-able on these
tired old eyes!

But now, another program (encyclopedia software) will not start because
IT requires 'Normal size, 96 DPI' to be displayed !! (go figure)

I believe the software will display just fine (will be readable) with
103 DPI so the question is, what (registry?) setting is the program
looking at startup to check DPI setting?

someone watching

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