registering an Outlook addin?


Heiko Nardmann

Hi together!

I maintain an Outlook addin. So far it works fine with Outlook 2003.
Now I have the requirement that it shall work with Outlook 2010.

Just installing it on the target test system is not enough - it is not
visible anywhere: not even the addin manager lists it. So registering
seems to be the first issue ...

Up to now the registering for Outlook 2003 has been done using the
registry. During the search for how it is done using the standard way
I have found that one can also setup an ECF file.

First question: are registry/ECF still the preferred ways?

Question 2: the only documentation by MS for ECF seems to be the
Outlook 97 resource kit - nothing newer out there? I did not find any
documentation e.g. for the semantics of "Misc Flags". Any link for me?

Thanks in advance!


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