Red x's and error message on MSN home page



On Internet explorer & firefox images not loading. red x outlined in a box
appear. Aol ok ? Also error message under where the image should be" The
Page cannot be displayed. Something about Macromedia shockwave player popped
up but I don't know why?



Jan Il

Hi jodadeo :)

Try the following and see if it helps:

Zone Alarm Pro can block Images in IE

1. Go into IE>Tools>Internet Options>Security>Custom level>reset custom
level to Medium or Low
2. Go into IE>Tools>Internet Options>Privacy>set the slider to Medium or Low
3. Go to this site and read on adjusting the Privacy settings in ZA. It will
explain how to customize on a per site basis.


Flash and Shockwave not working

A few of things could contribute to the problem. Have you checked your
firewall to see if the ad-blocker or Flash blocker is set to on or block?
Also, there are several Pop-up blockers that will block Flash unless you
turn it off. I had POP-UP Blocker and it would not open Flash at all, and
it took me a while to figure out what was doing it When I unchecked the
Kill Flash it stopped. Some Flash has pop-ups and the blockers will see
them as ads or and kill it any way.

Also, if you have SpywareBlaster installed, be sure you have Kill Flash
unchecked - Open SpywareBlaster - Tools - Click on Flash Killer then uncheck
"Switch off Flash Player" or in v3.1 Disable and block Macromedia Flash (4X
5X & 6X) in Internet Explorer.


Flash player is an ActiveX control, so be sure you use a browser that
supports ActiveX, and your Security settings will allow Active X.

Hope this helps :)

Jan :)
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