Recycle bin will not refresh correctly



I am ujsing Windows Vista ultimate (x86).

I accidently deleted my desktop Recycle Bin.

I restored the Recucle bin (Control Panel/Personalise/Change Desktop Icons)

I clicked on Recycle bin (Full) and then clicked on default.

I repeated this operation on Recycle Bin (Empty).

Now, whenever I delete file(s) the Recycle Bin on the desktop shows "Full"
and when I right-click and select Empty Recycle Bin, it empties BUT the ICON
does NOT refresh to show an emptyRecycle bin but stays as a Recycle Bin
(Full) icon.

The ONLY way I can make the desktop icon display the correct status is to
manually force th change by a screen refresh (or F5).

Any ideas or help on how iu can restore normal and correct functionality of
the desktop icon?


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