Recycle Bin disappears


Jimmy Hsu

When I clicked the Recycle Bin item "Empty Recycle Bin" to clear the trash
accumulated there, the entire Recycle Bin sometimes disappears. This
happens only once in a while, and not all the time. Is this a bug in the
Vista OS?


Some people will asume you are deleting the recycle bin instead of emptying
it and will tell you how to fix this. I'm not one of those people because I
have a similar problem and understand your issue. Where you and I differ is
that this happens EVERY TIME I empty it AND when I drag something to it. I
have to refresh the desktop to get it back. Very annoying problem for which
I am yet to find a solution despite googling several times and posting the
problem here.

Mick Murphy

It has only happened to me once.
But, from the number of times it appears in Newsgroups, it has to be a bug
in Vista.

If you right-click on the empty desktop>Personalise>Change Desktop Icons>you
find it is still ticked.
You can get it back by unticking, apply, etc; then reticking, apply, etc

Jimmy Hsu

Actually in my case, when I right-click on the empty
desktop>Personalise>Change Desktop Icons, I find it is UNTICKED. Once I
ticked it, followed by clicking Apply, the Bin reappears, voila.

Daze N. Knights

With one of my PCs on which this issue occurs, the Recycle Bin always
reappears after a reboot.

But I'd like to note that, at least here, the Recycle Bin is always
actually still there on the desktop, just invisible, and one can still
use it exactly as always if one can just remember its position on the


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