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Mar 27, 2017
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I need "help" if it can be given to me via email. I am not a computer genius as you will find out. I made a file in the Word Pad icon called PASSWORDS. Today I had to fix my User Name on one of the accounts. I fixed it and then left Word Pad without saving the change I made. Is there and easy way for me to recover my Word Pad Document called "PASSWORDS"? IF there

I am hoping someone out there knows what I should do to get my Document back. I just ,apparently, deleted it about 30 minutes ago and for an 80 year old it was one of my very valuable documents. Please help me if anyone out there can
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Feb 23, 2002
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Welcome to the forums Paul. I've edited your e-mail address out, as it'll get pick up by spambots (it's not a good idea to have e-mail addresses visible online, as you'll end up with a lot of spam). You should get this reply via e-mail through the site automatically, but you'll need to return to the site to post a a reply.

Sadly, I think it's extremely unlikely that you'll be able to recover a Wordpad document that was never saved, as the data was never written to disk (it was just stored in memory) :(. If it was saved, then deleted, it may have been possible.

There's a very, very slim chance that you may have a .tmp file with the changes in this directory:


A bit of googling shows that some users have that folder and unsaved Wordpad documents have temporary files created there (with unsaved data). I don't have this folder in Windows 10, but depending on your OS, you might. If there is anything in that directory, you could try right-clicking it and use "Open With > Wordpad".

What was the password for? Is it something you can just reset and create another one?

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