opening txt documents in excell



I am currently trying to open a wordpad .txt document using excel. I have no
issues opening the document however when I edit the excel document and save
it and then open it back up in word pad, the spacing on the original document
is moved. Our project requires certain spacing for this txt document to
work. How can I edit a wordpad file in excel without adjusting spaces
between columns.


Somehow the formating seems to be changed during your operations. Possible
the font is being changed. Excel may not be recognizing the same font that
WordPad is using and then changing the Font to a compatible Font. Can't
answer your question with out knowing more details. Are you running macro
code or dong this manully. Explain in detail a supply macro if possible. Is
the document an embeedded document or a seperate file.

You may need to do your editing in NotePad instead of WordPad. Or open the
file up as straight text if it is a macro.

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