Recover Exchange Email Account Data?



Using Outlook 2003 running on Windows XP Professional. Outlook 2003 is
configured to automatically download messages from POP3 servers and from an
Exchange Server.

I accidentally deleted my Exchange Mail Account from E-Mail Accounts in
Outlook 2003. This is the account that logs into an exchange mail server and
downloads all mail from the server to the client desktop. Once downloaded,
messages are deleted from the server.

My PST shows all mail placed into Personal Folders up until the point in
time that I accidentally deleted account. I don't see what was still left in
Inbox and in Sent Mail folders at that time -- they are empty now. Is there
some way to recover what was left in Inbox and Sent Mail? Is there some way
or utility for "undoing" the account deletion?

Roady [MVP]

Is there some way or utility for "undoing" the account deletion?
Yes, it's called Tools-> Account Settings... and there simply reconfigure
your account.

Anything that you left at the Exchange mailbox is still in there unless your
mail admin deleted your mailbox.

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