Outlook 2003 + Exchange & pop3 account




I have outlook 2003 on my machine where i would like to get my work emails
(using exchange server) and my personal emails (pop3).

I VPN to my work place and add new exchange mail account and all good it
will synch.

Then i add new pop3 account from iiNet but all this iiNet messages go to the
same folder as my work emails. I have created my personal folder and like to
receive all my pop3 emails there and all exchange email to the exchange
Anybody know how to do this ?

I had it before working like this but that time i had my work exchange
account and i have importer my iiNet mail from outlook express and it
automatically created new personal folder for my iiNet account.( and
correctly received pop3 to personal folder and work emails to exchange

now all emails go to exchange inbox !!!

is the any way how to set that exchange email will go to exchange inbox
folders and my iiNet will go to personal folder ?



Hello Michal,

we are searching for a similar solution because in OUtlook 2003 you have only

one point "Email Delivery default Location". You have the chance to select 2
locations independant from the Email Account when you install outlook 2007.

Did you find any other solution ?

Have a nice day


Hi Thomas,

Unfortunaly i wa snot able to find the solution :(

Im using rules to automaticaly sort the exchange and pop3 emails.
It's not so nice but it works.

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