Email destination folders


HK Kevin

I set up a new exchange server account (work) on Outlook 2007. My home email
is POP3. Now all new mail, including my POP3 account, is delivered to the
exchange Inbox and all sent mail ends up in the exchange sent mail folder.

Is there a way (without rules) to make all email from my POP account end up
in the appropriate folder in my Personal Folders.

I thought I could change to my Personal Folders Inbox in the Email account
settings (Tools>options>mail setup>e-mail accounts) but it only gives me the
option of sending it to the Exchange Inbox. Why not the Personal Folders

thanks for your help

Roady [MVP]

In your account settings you can indeed change the delivery folder on a per
account basis. Set it to a pst-file or create a new one.

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