Recover Deleted Items - Not Primary User


Our CEO is having a strange issue.

We use Outlook 2007 on Windows XP Pro; Exchange Server 2003
Not using cached-exchage mode
He's a local admin, and has full access to all the boxes he's trying
to open.

In Outlook he has his primary email account set up.
He also has a whole bunch of additional mailboxes added (employees)

We turned on the registry hack that makes 'Recover Deleted Items'
always visible.
When he tries to open 'Recover Deleted Items' (RDI) for his main
account, it opens right up.
When he tries to open RDI for a remote user, nothing happens... no
error, nothing.

It's been happening for a while, and it seems a little sporadic. I
would go in and disable his add-ins and it would seem to work, then
out of nowhere stop working again.
Now, it's just not working at all. I disabled all his Outlook add-ins,
ran Outlook in safe mode, nothing...

There are only a few Office updates that he doesn't have installed,
and those are security updates.


Nick Bennett
Microsoft Certified Professional


Hi just trying to see if you found a resolution for this?? I can confirm it
appears to be just with outlook 2007. If I use outlook 2003 the issue is not
their (being able to access the deleted items of a secondary email account as
well as the primary) but with outlook 2007 I can never get the recover
deleted items of a secondary account to show (greyed out). It's not
permissions as if I setup a new outlook profile and pur the secondary account
as the primary I get access to the recover deleted items so it just seems to
have something to do with the secondary accounts.

If you did find a fix can you please let me know or if anyone else knows it
would be a big help.


I'm experiencing the same issue. Outlook 2007 on Vista x64 with Exchange
2003. I cannot "Recover Deleted Items" on any mailbox but my own.

When using Outlook 2003 on XP 32bit with Exchange 2003 I do have this

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