cached mode - mailbox on server does not reflect local changes



I have a user, Outlook 2007 in cached mode, whose mailbox does not
seem to be syncing with all of his local folders. He has a large
mailbox, so has been moving items out of folders to PST files, then
deleting those items from the local copy. However, those items remain
in the server version of that folder -- days later he can use OWA and
see those items in that folder; he has to delete them using OWA for
them to disappear.

Single items in his Inbox can be deleted from the local copy and are
reflected properly in OWA.

I checked his Sync Issues folders and found nothing significant (about
5 items in Local Issues, not related to this issue).

The only thing I can think to do is disable cached mode, close
outlook, delete all existing OST files, launch Outlook, re-enable
cached mode, and let it create a new OST file. I hesitate only because
he's got such a large mailbox and he'd be doing this across our WAN.

Any other suggestions?

Roady [MVP]

The whole moving to and deleting from the pst-file is irrelevant here.
Deleting something from the mailbox or moving it to a pst-file is the same
when it comes to syncing back the changes to Exchange since Exchange doesn't
do anything with any pst-files the user might have.

You could use scanost.exe first to scan for any issues with the ost-file.


Perhaps I didn't explain the situation clearly.

I understand that changes to a PST file are irrelevant to the mailbox
contents; they're entirely separate data stores. When I said "local
copy," I meant the local copy of the mailbox - the OST file.

The issue here is that when a large number of items are removed from
the local copy of the mailbox - the OST file - that change is never
reflected in the mailbox itself.

At any rate, I think it's best to have him bite bullet and just re-
create the OST file.

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