Recover data from a broken.pst file



I put this in yesterday, but it has disappeared.

Hi, I am putting this request in from a friend who has the following issue:

I would like to know if anyone has access to
the draft of the .pst specification/standard that Microsoft has
promised to release early next year.

I need this so that I can recover emails from a broken pst file. This
file cannot be recovered with scanpst or linux tools such as those
within the libpff library nor libpst. This file was carved out from a
disk and perhaps not chained properly - i.e., may be not complete or
contain improper clusters. I receive multiple errors in regards to
wrong checksum as well as root nodes, etc. Without knowing how this
pst table is structured, there is no way I can retrieve emails from it.

Can anyone assist in this?
Many thanks, regards Peter.

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