Reconfiguring Outlook 2003 E-Mail for Multiple Users



My wife has just discovered e-mail, we both use the same home desktop
computer, and I'm a wreck.

I thought I had it all in hand: Got her a distinct e-mail account and
address (SBC Yahoo!), went to e-mail accounts in Outlook and set it all up,
all the settings tested out fine, set up her Outlook folders (calendar,
contacts, tasks, etc.) under a main folder that bears her name and with an
Inbox folder just for her, BUT I'M GETTING ALL OF HER E-MAIL in my Inbox! I
tried to create a rule that would take anything addressed to her and move it
to her Inbox folder, but her folders didn't even appear as options when I
clicked on "specified folder" in the rule maker. I have also noticed that
some of the icons for her folders are different than mine: While her
Calendar, Contacts, Deleted, Search, Notes and Task folder icons appear the
even though I specified the file type when creating them. Moreover, I can't
seem to give her an Outbox or a Junk Mail folder, and her "main" folder icon
shows multiple file folders instead of the house/clock/calendar icon I've
come to love.

Isn't there a way I can get only my e-mail and she can get only hers through
our Outlook? I know we can just chuck Outlook and separately log into our
ISP and each have only our own mail in our own mailbox, but I won't leave my
Outlook, and she is more comfortable using Outlook than working with her
e-mails right there online. If not, is there something I'm missing in the
rule maker that is keeping me from "forwarding" her email that arrives in my
Inbox folder to her Inbox folder? Or is it just that my Outlook has become
jealous and simply refuses to cooperate because my wife has now become e-mail

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, and a solution will leave me

Thank you.


A) use separate Windows accounts. If you are on 2000 or eiher flavour of XP,
all your mail settings will be separate.

B) set up distinct profiles in Outlook and have it set to prompt you which
profile to use when you open Outlook

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