Received Fax Quality



I am able to send and receive faxes, however, the quality of my
received faxes is not good. Some lines of text are sometimes
"squished" together without proper spacing and become unreadable. Not
all lines in the fax are of this nature. Some are just fine.

I have tried several fax products with the same results for each.

Attempting the use of Microsoft Fax XP was not successful, however. I
could not receive any faxes. It appeared that the modem would not
recognize the call as a fax call and successfully connect.

Does anyone know what might be contributing to this fax quality

p.s., The phone line I am using for faxing is also my same line for
DSL service for my ISP. Is this potentially related to the quality




I had previously had that problem - have installed new
modem and have adsl filter on the line and now we are

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