Realtek High Definition Audio Problem



There seems to be many threads on this forum regarding the problem with the
Realtek High Definition Audio.

I also have this problem. My computer shows that my SPDIF is connected and
is the default output device for sound. Despite my analogue speakers being
plugged in, Vista reports that they are not.

I have followed all of the tips in this forum to no avail but I have managed
to find a way of getting the sound working, albeit temporarily.

This is what I did:

1. Uninstall the Realtek drivers.
2. Reboot the computer.
3. The system should revert to the built-in HD Audio drivers provided my
4. Uninstall the Microsoft HD Audio drivers.
5. Reinstall the latest Realtek drivers.
6. During the install process the Realtek HD Audio system tray icon should
appear and indicate that the speakers are detected.
7. The sound should now work.

Now this is all great, trouble is when you restart the computer it reverts
back to SPDIF output and the speakers again appear unplugged, which stops you
selected them as the default output device.

Any comments or suggestions on how this problem can be sorted without a full
reinstall of Vista would be great.




Sussed it. You need to disable the front panel jack detection in the Realtek
sound manager utility. You can access this by clicking on the folder icon on
the right hand side of the utility screen, above the jack diagrams.



hi there Jim,

im having the same problem as you did about this sound issue on vista.
can you,please,retype the solution little more precise,i would be very


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Access the Realtek "icon" in the System tray and check for the setting
"Front Audio" jacks. When you find it, make sure to turn it "off."

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