HP Realtek HD audio does not work



I'm helping a neighbour with her HP AMD based tower (model ???.)
Since last Tuesday April 6, 2010, the Vista Home Premium 32bit system
will not play any Windows "audio" to the 5.1 speakers when using any
Realtek HD drivers (either the updated ones or the original HP ones.)
Only the Line-In seem to let the sound through to the speakers and Mic-
In out over the Internet

After several tests, when all Realtek drivers are uninstall and the
Vista rebooted, a Microsoft High Definition audio device will show
up. This will permit most Windows "audio" applications, and sounds,
to play out on the 5.1 speakers. However, the Line-In and the Mic-in
jacks no longer work.

Here are some info I am able to post:

HP AMD ???
Windows Vista Home Premium 32Bit
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009


The only way I know to try to isolate the problems involves finding out
exactly what sound support chip is used on the MBD, as well as the exact MBD
Having that information may allow you to download the correct audio drivers,
mixer, etc. from HP, Realtec, or Microsoft.
Just to add another layer of confusion, many of the major OEMs (includes HP)
do some odd things that may require specific ratner than generic drivers.

An example of this is one of my current systems that has an ASUS MBD. It
uses a realtec chip, but the drivers are Unique to ASUS.
Generic drivers from Microsoft work, but do not fully support mixer
The generics do not include a needed mixer module required by some recent

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