Sound problems with Realtek Audio



Hi there,

Using Vista Ultimate x32 edition.

Just installed Vista and installed all the latest drivers for my devices.

Im using Realtek HD audio Manager which is the correct driver for my onboard
sound card.

The problem though is that sound is only coming out from the front right
speaker. Nothing is coming out of the rest of the speakers when I play music.

However when I go to test the speakers using the Realtek manager , I can
hear sound coming out of all of the 5.1 speaker system.
This is strange, there is sound coming out of all the speakers when I test
them but when I try to play music it only comes out of the front right

I tried turning up the volume on every single dial on the Windows Sound
Manager and on the Realtek Sound manager.

I checked all the drivers and even rolled them back but still to no avail.

Everything has been configured correctly, because I had Vista 32 bit
yesterday but I decided to do a format and clean install again. It was
working fine yesterday but not today.


I cant do a system restore because I formatted my Hard Drive and installed a
fresh copy of Vista 32bit!

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