Reading pane changes most messages to plaintext



I have a new desktop computer with Office 2007. Now when I received a new
message that is html or rtf, outlook most of the time changes the message to
plain text but not always. I also have outlook 2007 on my laptop and it
never changes the messages to plaintext. I can not find any settings in
outlook to set this and it has become very frustrating because I can't read
the emails properly because the formatting gets all whacky. How can I change
outlook to always show the emails the way the sender sent it?

Outlook on my desktop computer and laptop both connect to the same exchange
server account.





Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]

Thanks. It appears when I turned of AVG 'certify email' that corrected the

You're better off uninstalling AVG and reinstalling without the mail plug-ins
at all.

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