re-using user names after re-installing a win2000 server



i am in a jam.

I have a win2000 server whose hdd's died. I do not have any recovery disks.
I re-installed the operating system on new hdd's, and I used the same
computer name and domain name. The server install went without any problems.

My problem is with logging into the new domain from the client workstations.

I have winxp and win2000 clients who were joined to the domain before the
hdd's died, and they have domain users they log in with. They are not using
roaming profiles or re-directed folders.

On one client pc (a win2000 pc), domain userA existed in the 'old' domain (i
will call it old domainA). After i re-installed the server (i'll call it new
domainA), when i tried to log into the new domainA with the old domain userA,
it says "cannot load profile".

So i un-joined the domain (I guess it was un-joining the old domainA), then
i re-joined the new domainA. Then i created a new domain userA in the new
domainA with the same user name. When i try to log into the new domainA with
the new domain userA, i still get the "cannot load profile" error.

Then I un-joined the domain again, and i made a local userA. When i try to
log into the local computer with the new local userA, i still get the "cannot
load profile" error!

The only user i can log in with that does not get the "cannot load profile"
error is the local administrator user. But when i do that, i cannot map a
drive to the server without it asking for a user name and password. I can
give a user and password
once, and it will 'remember' it, but as soon as i restart the computer, it
will ask for it again.

I could go on and on with all the different domain and local users i tried,
but in a nutshell, i am in a jam (not to mention being thoroughly confused!).

I would like to be able to have the person who uses this computer to be able
to log into the new domainA with any user (if possible, a user with the same
name they had before).

Can anyone shed any light on this problem?

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