NetUserGetLocalGroups in multi-domain AD environment




I'm using this Windows API to obtain the local groups that a domain
user is a member of.

We have a domain tree including DomainA and DomainB. With domains at
Domain/Forest Functional level Windows Server 2003. When the call is
issued on a server in DomainA it does not return any local groups for
user DomainB\userid1 when that id is present as a member of a
universal group DomainA\group1 included within a local group on the

When the userid is a member of the group DomainB\group1 (itself also
nested in the local group) the call does return the local group.

I would have expected the membership of DomainB\userid1 in the
universal group DomainA\group1 to be known throughout the two domains
- which trust each other implicitly via the parent. Actually, the
same behavior is seen when one is a child of the other.

Is the processing of the NetUserGetLocalGroups API in this environment
documented somewhere? Or are there other AD restrictions relevant to
universal groups which I need to be aware of?



S. Pidgorny said:

Thanks, but I am using LG_INCLUDE_INDIRECT already.

Note that the call works for user DomainB\userid1if it is a member of
DomainB\group1 (ie LG_INCLUDE_INDIRECT is being observed) - but not if
it is a member of DomainA\group1.

It is as if membership in a DomainA universal group is not being seen
on a NetUserGetLocalGroups call by a DomainA server for a DomainB
user. Maybe the DomainB DC cannot determine this for the call?

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