Cannot Share Resources to Other Domains


Coston Dorsey

I am on a Windows 2000 Server in a Windows 2000 Domain, which is
networked with two other domains. The domain I am on is called
DomainA, and I need to apply permissions for other users in other
domains to access a share on this server in DomainA. When I go to
"select users and groups" for local permissions or sharing, I can see
the other domains in the drop down box for "Look in". However, when I
select the domain I want, let's say DomainB, I get the following
message: "Cannot display objects from this location because of the
following error: specified domain either does not exist or could not
be contacted". I checked Microsoft and this Google Group as of today
7/30/2003 and didn't find a solution. Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

Coston Dorsey MCP

TP Costello

I had the same issue when I established trusts between
two Win2K domains. For some reason the trust was
established, but I couldnt set permissions for users in
the other domain.
I just went with the start fresh approach, removed the
trust, rebooted both servers on either side, and
restablished the trust. Everything worked fine
Good luck...

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