printer sharing issue



Hi All,

We have two different domains in different forest, DomainA, DomainB.

There is one printer "PrinterA" set up in DomainA's printer server.

UserB in DomainB wants to print from this printer (printer's shared name:
DomainA\PrinterA) using his XP machine. UserB is only a domain user in
DomainB other than domain admin and he has an account in DomainA called

I logged on using UserB's account and I run the following command in UserB's

net use "\\DomainA\PrinterA" * /useromainA\UserA /persistent:yes

The after I put his UserA's password and the operation was successful. Then
I added this network printer into his "printers and faxes". The printer
worked. However, after he restarted PC he cannot print and I have to do
everything again to allow him to print. Is this because he is only a domain
user and doesn't have permission to use "net use"?

Is there anything wrong with what I did or windows xp doesn't support users
to share resources within two different domains?

Thank you!

Josef Meier


we always had some sharing issues and decided to purchase a professional fax
server. We use now the Aloaha FAX Suite as an email2fax fax2email gateway
and are very happy!


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