Re-record a voice narration



We are using PPT 2000 on Windows 2000 (at school). We have a 40 slide
presentation. In each slide, there may be 2-5 photos (ave.).

Photos have been animated (all same) and have been set with delay of 6-8
secs if there is more than 1 photo. If just 1 photo or first photo, that
will be automatic when slide is clicked. All works well, automaticaly, when
viewed w/o voice-over.

To move from slide to slide during record narration, we use the space bar.
We are recording from with in PPT, slide show menu, record narration option.

Our problem is when we make a narrative error, we would like to save what we
got, then re-record that slide. Then, continue the rest of slide narration.
We cannot successfuly continuing recording after the re-record...not
recording new narrative.

Our end prodcut would be a PPT narrating and presenting slides on its own.
Are we missing something when we want to re-record and continue from the
slide we errored on (# 5 for example) and continue to next narative error or

Steve Rindsberg

Sounds weird but try this:

If you make a mistake, keep on going.

Once done, save the presentation normally then again as a web page (HTM vs

In the folder of supporting files created beneath the folder where you saved the
HTML version, you'll find individual sound files for each slide.

I'm betting that if you re-record the narration using another sound editing
program (Audacity's quite popular and free) then save to the same-named file as
the one with the flub in the supporting files folder ... if you do all that,
you'll be able to re-open the HTM file into PPT and save as PPT. With the new
version of the sound file included.

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