Re: Opening 2 Movie Maker Projects Simultaneously


John Inzer

Valerie.h said:
Is it possible to combine MM projects? I am working with XP's version
of Movie Maker, if that helps. I have two videos that share much of
the same material -- the second project is a duplicate of the first,
to which I've added 2 minutes of audio and some accompanying still
images to the end of the original. Up to this point whenever I've had
changes, I am forced to make them separately to each file. It's
tediuous, to say the least and rather hard to get an exact match! I
got to thinking I could simply delete the shared info from the second
project, save the "different" part as a stand-alone file, and import
it into the original movie -- then do a "save as" of the resulting
extended video. However, each time I try to open more than one MM
project, the first closes. As well, I can find no option that allows
me to import a project file into another. Should I save the extended
audio/visual material as something other than a MM project? Would I
be able to import the resulting file into my original project then?
Or am I asking too much of Movie Maker?

I appreciate your feedback!
Try saving the 'extended' version in a movie format
and then you should be able to import the .wmv movie
file into the original project just as you would any other
video file.

To save as a .wmv movie file...
Type...Ctrl+P to open the Save Movie Wizard /
Choose...My Computer /
Next /
Enter a Name and a Save Location /
Next /
Tick...'Best Quality For My Computer'
Wait while the movie is saved /

Also, you may find it useful to use
a custom profile:

Movie Maker 2 - Saving
Movies - Custom WMV Profiles

Creating Custom Profiles
for Windows Movie Maker 2

To save as an .avi movie file...
(and several other options)
Type...Ctrl+P to open the Save Movie Wizard /
Choose...My Computer /
Next /
Enter a Name and a Save Location /
Next /
Show More Choices /
Other Settings /
Open the drop window and choose...DV-AVI /
Next /
Wait while the movie is saved /


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