RAID 1 between PATA and SATA HDD's



Hey everyone.

Just trying to research here whether or not we can achieve a RAID 1 between
a SATA and a PATA Hard Drive. We have a computer with important information
on it and some software that will take days-weeks to reinstall everything
properly and it has a SATA 250 GB hard drive. We are upgrading our external
backup from 250 to 500 and we will have this 250 GB Hard Drive available.
Basically we have an external USB enclosure and we are just swapping out the
hard drives in it. So I have 2 questions:

1.) Can I create a RAID 1 Mirror on 2 drives one being PATA(IDE) and the
other being SATA? If so are there any special tools I need to perform this
or will my ASUS A8N-SLI Motherboard's RAID Controller be able to create this
for me?

2.) Can I create a RAID 1 on a pre-existing hard drive and keep the data
that is on it, while letting the second hard drive copy all the pre-existing
data during RAID creation? Or, Will I be forced to format both drives to
create the RAID?

Thank you all in advance for your help. I appreciate it greatly!


Kemco ITP


No that's quite imposible,RAID stands for:Redundant Array of Indeprndent
Disks.All raid hds must be the same size,and should be the same brand,working
off the same controller,SATA or SCSI.If the board supports RAID,simply buy
another SATA hd (same brand & size),set for RAID in the BIOS,press the proper
keys after exiting BIOS & make RAID set,press F6 as you boot to xp cd,install
controller drivers,then continue on & install xp.

Bob I

Well you almost got it right. But it's INexpensive Disks and no, they
don't have to be the same size.

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