WIN XP Can't find SATA or PATA HDD Driver after motherboard upgrad


Dave A

I recently updated my system motherboard (Mercury KVM800M with a AMD Athlon
64 processor) and sucessfully installed new two new WDC WD1600JS SATA HDDs as
my system drive in a RAID 1 config and cloned the system partition from my
old system HDD onto the new RAID 1 drive. Initially used the VIA drivers in
the CD for came with the MB. System boots up fine from the new RAID 1 drive,
but when WIN XP starts up, says "There was a problem installing this
hardware: VIA SATA RAID 1 SCSI Device An error occurred during the
installation of the device. The specified service does not exist as an
installed device." Same thing for a SEAGATE ST33001831A (300GB partitioned
in to three drives) PATA drive that worked fine before on the old MB.
Another WDC PATA drive (WD1800JB) that was the old system drive has no such
issue. All HDDs work fine and show up under My Computer folder. Under
Device Manager, the drive properties for the RAID and SEAGATE HDDs show the
drivers are not installed. Updated system with latest VIA SATA and PATA/IDE
Hyperion drivers with no change. This is driving me nuts. How do I resolve
this issue? Any help apprciated.

Andrew E.

Have to say youre installation method(s) are rather poor.....New mb,2 new hds
in RAID 1,& youre expecting to mirror all this from an IDE hd that was
on diffrent MB...Sure you have a RAID set configured,if so a post BIOS screen
must be present on every start or restart of pc.If so,why not physically
all hds but the 2 in RAID,install xp cd,boot to xp cd,press F6 to install
controller drivers,once thru,at xp menu,select install xp,new copy,delete the
partition(s),create one,then let xp format & perform a clean install..Also
install,set cdrom as 1st boot priority,RAID 2nd.....

Dave A


Well, my methods may be rather unorthodox, but when ugrading to a
motherboard running the same chipset family, this method has worked many
times before. Anything to save the dreaded experience of installing software
from scratch. But I have to say this is a rather unique experience in that
one IDE drive is reporting the driver is present while another IDE drive ways
it is not. The SATA drive upgrade was a second thought while doing all of
this. But the SEAGATE error was the first one prior to adding the SATA
drives. Appreciate your obvious suggestion. Was hoping to avoid all of that
from the beginning. I'll try a few otehr things before I resort to drastic
measures. Thanks anyway.

Dave A


I guess you will need to do a repair install & press F6 during the initial
XP setup when prompted. You can't swap motherboards & expect the system to
boot with drivers from the previous system.

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