Win XP Setup does not enumerate hdd when both SATA & PATA installe



I have Windows XP and Windows XP SP1a. I have two Seagate SATA drives
installed on a Gigbayte 8KNXP Rev 2 with the latest ICH5R drivers and BIOS.
The SATA drives are installed as RAID 1. The PATA drive is master IDE 0 with
the ROM drive as master IDE1. The boot order in the BIOS is SATA then PATA
then DVD. My problem is described in Q830656 but this relates to W2K whereas
my problem is with WinXP. Any ideas on how to install Win XP in this
configuration? BTW Removing the PATA does not resolve the problem.

Cheers from down under
Aussie Bob



Have you tried feeding the manufacturers RAID drivers to
XP (press F6 during install)?

You'll get better performance from your machine if you
use RAID 0 !

Try using 1 PATA drive on IDE1 Doing the RAID and then
adding the rest!

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