SATA 2 Raid question



I have a asus a8n32-sli motherboard which i'm running an IDE Raid system
(2x80g western digital drives) plus one 250g sata 2 wd drive for backups.
My question is when my IDE drives pack it in and i need to replace them i
want to go to Sata 2 raid and my motherboard handles this but i'm wondering
if i can just keep my backup drive seperate from the two sata 2 drives i
be using in the future raid setup. Right now with the raid as IDE and the
Sata 2 it's not a problem but when i go to Sata 2 raid (2x250g wd drives)
my motherboard know not to include one of the drives. Can i just setup the
with the two new drives and add the other drive on the sata 2 channel and it
be seprate to the others giving me a different drive letter.
Thanks Steve!

P.S. operating system is windows xp pro.


Well the RAID configuration utility (post BIOS),is where one creates,or
a RAID set.If you create with the 2 new SATA & the controller has other
for SATA,then it stays as is "non RAID disk",this youd see in the RAID info
at every start up....Also,depending on the boards controller,a SATA set
gives you up to 300mbps speed,youre IDE RAID,gives only 100mbps speed.....

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