RAdmin Tight and ReaVNC



I'm just like many others the PC doctor of the family, and therefore i use
Radmin and in some cases Tight or Real VNC to take over a computer. I know
there are Microsoft products but RAdmin is father simpler and more efficient.
On the computer of my father inlaw was a problem, which was not remotely to
be solved. When i cam over i found that the regular systems manager of his
company had removed Anti Spyware becaus it was beta and wihout knowing
anything about it removed it from the system. then the shit really hit the
fan. Spyware browser hyjack etc. So i would like to install anti spyware
again but came out to defender. I installed it let it run and it removed
deinstalled en blocked any remote software but microsoft. Even after i set it
to leave alone or always ignore. What the F@#$%^^&&*() do they think that
they can remove tools which are not Microsofts own. Even after alterations.
So whats up next, are they allowing others. I know it is in beta but VNC and
other remote control software are known products, so Microsoft come up whit a
good answer. i am waiting and not updating Anti spyware on my systems because
i need the remote software and i am willing to report on furhter beta's but
not this way.

Kind regards

Jeroen van Arkel (e-mail address removed)

Bill Sanderson

If you were the user of a system with one of these tools installed, and were
unaware of that installation, wouldn't you be glad to be made aware of it
via Windows Defender?

In my own experience, VNC, when found by a scan, can be set to "always
allow" which takes care of the problem.


Bill, thanx for replying. Althogh your answer is almost like a politician.
Ofcourse i would be glad to know if a maliciousware is installed. But the
problem is that tese tools are NOT mallicousware. Furthermore after scanning
the computer and setting Defender to "Always alow" RAdmin, TightVNC and Real
VNC were uninstalled. So....!?!

It happened also a few months earlier with NAV which had the same effect
(and the same answer). I am not interested to see an update of a security
software application to uninstall even saying it will not alter. As happened
with NAV and now with Defender i am not able to control remote systems. And i
am not willing to change to Microsoft software for this. Microsoft Anti
Spyware was absolutely great i installed it everywhere and removed HITMANPRO
for it, but now i am not so happy. Why can these Security software not alter
other (read none Microsoft) software as ok? Beta 1 was in my opinion one of
the best anti spyware tools ever. So Bill what is your (Microsoft's) answer?

Kind regards Jeroen

Bill Sanderson

I can't answer for Microsoft. I'm an MVP--that means I'm a plain ordinary
user, like most folks here. Microsoft has no control over what I say, and I
don't ask their opinion before giving mine.

VNC and RAdmin can both be used maliciously--there's no question that they
are legitimate applications for their purpose, but it is important for the
user of a box with these installed to be aware of their presence. I'm quite
sure that once Windows Defender is released, however, that the Group Policy
templates will allow some form of exclusion so that admins in network which
make use of such tools for network administrative purposes, can avoid such
alerts and detections.

I have not had the experience that you did with regard to VNC. It has been
detected on a number of my systems, both by manual scans and by scheduled
scans, and I have been able to choose ignore or allow always, and that
choice has been honored every time.



excuses for being bold and thinking you were an MS employee. Thanx for your
vision and answers and i hope with you that administrator template will occur
for remote system maintanance.

Kind Regards Jeroen.

P.S. i ave installed Defender on my workstation at work and have no problems
with RAdmin Viewer (for monitoring systems at home ;-)) But de services gets
uninstalled without saying or knowing. The same happened with NAV e few
months ago, probably for the same reason. Reinstalling and register hacking
will do the job.
It still does not gain the oscar for best or most beautifull solution ;-)

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