Anti-Spyware and pcAnywhere 11 - minor problem with keyboard shortcuts


Jim Bergman

I'm having a mild problem with Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta and Symantec
pcAnywhere 11.0.1.

pcAny is running in host mode (meaning I can remote access the machine).
The same machine is running Anti-Spyware.

When I log onto the machine remotely, if I use a keyboard shortcut to open
an application, Anti-Spyware looks like spawns many copies of itself, as I
see many copies of the target icon in the system tray. The system reponse
gets very slow at this point. They go away when I hover over the icons in
the system tray with the mouse pointer, but will come back when I use
another keyboard shortcut to launch an app. If I Shutdown Anti-Spyware,
eveything is fine.

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