Firewall disabled and wont re enable



Yes thats right, I installed Microsofts Anti spyware
(didnt find anyhting) then rebooted machine to find that
the microsoft firewall service has been removed and what
told me the service was removed ? yes the anti spyware

Just a tip microsoft "I dont think its ment to do that"
Machine is also running painfully slow so iv binned the
anti spyware (sorry you cant charge for it in this state)

Bill Sanderson

Graham--here are some steps you can take to return both the firewall and
your system performance to their normal state, I believe:

Use the method below which fits your OS version. If you are on XP SP2, use
the second method:

1) (winsock reset for 2k, xp pre sp2, and 2003 pre sp1);en-us;817571

2) (Winsock reset for xpsp2)

netsh winsock reset

restart machine.

After resetting Winsock, applications which have added themselves to the
stack will need to be reinstalled. These may include third-party VPN
clients, some McAfee privacy or network security related software, and
others--check what is working and what is not.

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