Is the remote control software RADMIN secure?



Hi all,

Before I use MS RDP, I previously was very happy about the RADMIN software.
I used Radmin 2.1 a few years ago. It was the greatest remote control
software I've used. Those days was when the Internet speed is not fast yet,
the RADMIN was the fastest at that time.

Then I was worried about security: I was worried if RADMIN can be
compromised by some Trojan and it acts as a server on my PC. It was a third
party application from the company called Famatech which I don't know.

Then MS introduced MSRDP, and it naturally came with Windows XP, since I
trust MS and so I begin to use MSRDP.

However, there are still occasions that MSRDP does not work -- most stupidly
was Matlab. The Matlab cannot be remoted launched in RDP because it detects
RDP and intentially designed to prevent itself being launched within RDP.

Then I turned to VNC, but man, VNC was simply awkard compared to MSRDP and

The speed of RADMIN a few years ago was still impressive. And another nice
feature of it is that it natually bundled with a mini-FTP server so I can
transport files easily.

Today my Matlab crashed again and when I want to luanch it, it still did not
allow me to luanch it. I saw RADMIN has now improved:

I want to try back it again.

But still the question is: as a 3rd party application, is it safe? Will it
be compromised by some malicious software, some Trojan, etc.? Safer than

Thanks a lot!

Steven L Umbach

I have not used RADMIN but according to their website they use 128 bit
encryption as does MS RDP so that if the data stream is captured it will not
be readable. As far as your computer being compromised by a trojan it does
not really matter as if the malware had administrator access to your
computer potentially any available service could be used by the trojan
including RDP. The best defense is to use best practices to try and prevent
malware problems in the first place and make sure you are using strong
passwords to prevent unwanted access to your remote control program.
Auditing the security log for logon events can give you an idea if
unauthorized access is happening or being attempted. If possible configure
your internet router or firewall to accept only traffic to the port used for
remote control from authorized IP addresses though that may not be feasible
if users roam or have dynamic public IP addresses. In that case accessing
through a L2TP VPN or an ipsec endpoint VPN device would increase security
by making sure only users on authorized computers that have the proper
computer certificate or pre shared key can attempt access. --- Steve

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