Windows XP Questions about scheduler in Windows XP

May 28, 2011
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Hi all,

I would be really grateful if someone could give answers to the following questions I have about the scheduler in Windows XP (I am sorry if some of the following questions seem naive):

A) How does the scheduler analyzes an application into processes so as to schedule them, since the application is already in binary format (i.e. an executable)? Does this mean that the scheduler works with applications in binary format?

B) What is compile-time scheduling and is this the approach used in Windows XP?
If so, does this mean that the scheduler recompiles an application that is already in binary format, in order to analyze it into processes?

C) How does the scheduler prioritizes processes?

D) Does the scheduler make estimations regarding the execution time of a process? If so, how does it do that (based on what)?

Thanks in advance!

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