Running Outlook as Scheduled task




i am looking at setting outlook up to run as a scheduled task on
server that has an application that uses some of the API's to check th
public folders for some information. Running the application it open
outlook does what it needs and closes.

Running the application as me in the scheduled task and in th
processes that are running i can see an outlook session and th
application running but it doesn't seem to work like it does when yo
double click it.

I think its because outlook doesn't know who to open as even tho th
exe runs as me the outlook process runs as me i dont think it does an
thats whats causing the issues, is there a way to fix this with eithe
a outlook switch or registry setting



Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Don't even think of doing that. It's a completely inappropriate use of

Outlook throws warnings and errors that cannot be disabled and that require
user intervention. The Outlook object model is also not at all supported for
use in a service or how you intend to use it. Use server side CDO, or
Extended MAPI or a server side access such as EWS to talk to the server. Or
you can use a 3rd party library such as Redemption

If you insist on doing what you're doing it's unsupported and no one
including MS support will be able to help you.

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