Question re Backup domain servers


Robert Dufour

I have a network that was set up years ago using a W2K server as a
fileserver and as the PDC, I also have another computer (W2K) as a backup
domain controler. That second computer is having hardware problems and we
are replacing it. The new computer is a windows 2003 server. How do you make
a windows 2003 server a backup domain controller? I suppose when all is done
all I will have to do then is remove the old BDC from the network.

Any help appreciated,

Danny Sanders

There is no such thing as an AD BDC. All DCs in an AD domain operate in
multimaster mode except for the 5 FSMO roles.



dcpromo down the failing server now. if you don't you will have to run a
complicated repair of the AD metadata.

run adprep from the 2003 server cd on the schema master [assuming the other
DC (notice I did not say bdc] held NONE of the fsmo roles.

The dcpromo the 2003 server to a DC

Google Ad metadata cleanup and adprep for more information

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