domain controller demotion



Hello there,
I have a W2K3 stas server holding an AD domain, I have no other backup
I want to demote it to a member server(get rid of the domain
alltogether), then join another AD domain currently server has trusts
with. Server has SQL, IIS and Sharepoint.
How can I do it and is there anything I should be aware of?
Thank you, T

Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS]

Hello Tester,

You will loose the existing domain if you demote it, that you have realized
as i understand from your posting.

Regarding SQL, IIS and sharepoint on a DC i am not sure if demoting wan't
break the functionality. At least if you installed all of them with domain
credentials, which i assume, i think they will stop working. Chekc with the
appropriate newsgroups/forums to be sure about.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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