domain controller demotion



Hello there,
How would I demote an AD domain controller? This is the only box that
is holding the domain.
Would it be easier if I add another box, the second controller on that
Thank you, T

Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS]

Hello Tester,

If you demote the one and only DC you have no domain anymore, so you have
to go back to use local user accounts and configure them on each machine.
So if you have the need to keep the domain you have to install an additional
DC/DNS/GC and configure the domain machines to use this also as DNS server
on the NIC. Also if you really will demote the server you have to move the
5 FSMO roles to the new installed machine BEFORE demoting it.

So if you like to install a second one please give some info about the OS
version with SP/patch level in use and which OS version the second DC will
be. Then we can give you more detailed information about the needed steps.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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My only DC is W2K3 R2sp2 and I will build a backup server with same
os, version and patch.
I do this just to make it easier to remove the domain completelly
eventually and also to be able fall back also if things go wrong.
Thank you very much, T

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