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The Baby Sling Lady

Hi, I having been having trouble publishing my website so I attempted
publishing through FTP. I have never published through ftp before and I
majorly screwed it up and managed to upload everything to my root and deleted
all my files, including email. The support service at my new web host led me
through publishing through FTP properly and I was able to upload my website,
but my index page is now coming up as a 404. I re-created my email but am
not able to receive any messages (my outgoing mail is through a different
server so I am sending fine).

When I was uploading I was prompted with the following message: "The file
'.htaccess' exists on the destination server but does not exist in the
current web site. Would you like FrontPage to remove it
from". I clicked "No to all". Last night when
I accidently uploaded to my root I clicked Yes to all. Should I be clicking
yes to all to this prompt now that I am uploading properly? Is that why I
have a 404 for an index page and can't receive email? How can I get my index
page back up? Please help!! Thanks :)

The Baby Sling Lady

OK, nevermind. I had to change my index page from a capital I to a lowercase
i and now everything is fine. However, I am still not able to receive email
through my outlook. I can through my webmail though. Does this problem have
anything to do with my ftp flub up? I'm quite sure I have everything set up
correctly in outlook. It has me baffled.


If you can get the emails the site sends through webmail, then you have
an Outlook problem, nothing to do with FTP or FrontPage. Make sure the
account in Outlook is properly set up, look at the POP3 and SMTP servers
and check they are correct, as well as userId and Password for the email

Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (FrontPage)
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