Getting 553 error when i publish my site



I'm trying to publish a website via frontpage 2002 using the publish option.
Since I don't have front page extensions, I specify the ftp site as the web
to upload to. The publish settings are set to overwrite all files. Every
time I try to publish, front page will randomly error out in the middle of
uploading with an 553 error:


553 Could not determine cwdir: No such file or directory


553 <random folder>/<somefile.htm>: No such file or directory.

It does end up publishing all files until that point. It doesn't seem to
stop at the same time every time it happens. And, I can right click a file
or folder in fp and select "publish selected file" and it uploads without

I was able to set up another ftp site on another server (without frontpage
extensions), and successfully publish the entire site to a new ftp directory.
So, I think this might be a problem with some type of corruption on the
server side? I can copy the entire site to the web server via windows ftp
without error. Thanks for any help.



Thomas A. Rowe

The FTP server application may be different between servers and FP doesn't work well will all FTP
applications, so sometimes you have use a 3rd Party FTP application.

Thomas A. Rowe
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Agents Real Estate Listing Network

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