using FP to ftp content to different folders on server



I hope someone here can help - my ISP offers web space - but "doesn't
support it." So I have about 5 websites that I'm having trouble
uploading. I have to use FTP in FP2003 to upload, and that ok until I
try to change to a different site.

Then in my Remote Site View I see the last site I uploaded, not the
site I want to update.

For example: the remote site is

My username on one of my sites is: account1; password:

So I go in, create a remote website for account1, click publish
website, and it works fine. Then when I go to upload account2,
account1 is in the remote site view.

If I click 'publish website', it asks me if I want to add all the
account2 to the account1 space.

Can anyone help me before I lose my mind? I'm sure it's an easy
solution, but I know zip about ftp!


I think I see what was happening - when I closed the site, under
'options' the box was checked by 'automatically open last site' - I
unchecked that, closed FP and when I reopened it the first remote site
was gone.

Thanks for the clue!!

Thomas A. Rowe

Not possible using FP's FTP function if you have the same login / Path info to access each.

Thomas A. Rowe
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage

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