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I have a question for anyone who uses public folders. I know that you can
create a rule to move email into a public folder based on rules, however is
there a way that someone could e-mail or CC a message into a public folder.
Or maybe a way where we can modify existing Dist lists so that when users
send out emails to a dist list, a copy is moved over to a public folder. I
would rather that our IT automates this process as opposed relying on the
users to police themselves.

Thanks in advance,

neo [mvp outlook]

Yes, an Exchange public folder can be e-mailed. Since you didn't mention
what version of Microsoft Exchange your site uses, not sure what advice to
give other than say it is possible.


Sorry I did not include the version of exchange. We are running Office 2007
and just recently upgraded exchange to 2007 as well. Diane said that the
public folder needs to be e-mail enabled, how is that accomplished?

Thanks so much,

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