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First of all, I don't understand PST very well!
We use Outlook 2003 with Exchange in Windows 2003 Server environment.
In addition to regular user email accounts, we have a couple IMAP accounts
that several employees access and respond to email. The primary user for one
of these accounts is now not able to receive any new email for the IMAP
account nor move an existing email from that Inbox to a subfolder. When we
try to move an email, we get a message: "Can't move the items. The file
<full pathname>.pst has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of
data in this file, select some items that you no longer need, and then
permanently delete them by pressing SHIFT+DELETE. You could also consider
using the new Outlook Personal Folders file (.pst) introduced with Outlook
2003 that provides greater capacity for storing items and folders."
I found an MS KB article that advised, because this is an IMAP account, it
has the 2GB limit even thought it's Outlook 2003.

My question: Can I create a secondary PST file for this IMAP account in
order to keep the current full PST file? For business reasons, it is
important for us to keep the 2 GB of history that is in the current PST file,
as well as to continue archiving email for this IMAP account.
Any advice/suggestions/comments are greatly appreciated!

Thank you!





Pat Willener

Or you can create a new Outlook 2003 type PST file, then copy
(drag-and-drop) all your current data from the old to the new PST file.
The 2003-type PST file also supports Unicode data.

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